The Hahndorf Academy

The Hahndorf Academy is located at the corner of Main Street and Balhannah Road.
The Hahndorf Academy is an Historic Building which is currently used as an Art Gallery, Craft and Historical Centre.


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History of the Academy

The Hahndorf Academy has had (and is still having) a varied and volatile history. Few buildings in Australia can lay claim to such controversy from inception up until the current time. Please view the Historical Background of The Academy for details.

The Hahndorf Academy Foundation Inc.


The [WWW]Hahndorf Academy Foundation's activities are located within the Hahndorf Academy and consist of Art Galleries, the German Migration Museum, Artists in Residence, and a retail Art and Craft Shop.

PLEASE NOTE: The [WWW]Hahndorf Academy's Home Page should be accessed for all information regarding the Hahndorf Academy Foundation's activities, including the following:

The Artist's Voice


The Artists Voice was formed in 1997 and is an association of Hills based Artists.
The group is based at the Hahndorf Academy where it holds regular exhibitions in the upstairs gallery.
Group and solo exhibitions are also presented at other venues throughout the State.
The Artists Voice was formed so that local artists might share resources, ideas and enthusiasm, and to raise awareness of local art within our community.
Most members are established artists with many enjoying considerable reputations throughout Australia.

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