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Community Assoc


The Hahndorf Community Association Inc.

The Web Page of the Association Detailing its Background, Activities and Interests.
The Hahndorf Community Association Inc. (HCA) was formed as an organised action group to promote and protect the interests of the local community of Hahndorf.
If you have any comments/suggestions or wish to contribute to the activities of the HCA, please contact the Secretary.

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Details of Organisation

    1. Objective and Purpose
    2. Management Committee
      1. HCA Annual General Meeting
      2. HCA Management Committee Meetings
      3. Management Committee 2011

Objective and Purpose

HCA's Objective is to .....

  • Provide an organisation where the interests of the local community of Hahndorf are promoted and protected.

  • Work with other key interest groups, such as The District Council of Mt Barker, Hahndorf Business and Tourism Association, Visitor Information Centre and the Hahndorf Branch of the National Trust of SA on common areas of interest.

  • Promote the preservation of the history and cultural heritage of the Hahndorf Township and District.

HCA's Purpose is to .....

  • Explore issues which arise from consultation with the community of Hahndorf.

  • Identify, develop and encourage activities and projects which enhance the quality of life for the local residents and visitors to Hahndorf.

  • Act as a pressure group on matters in which Council and Government have the major influence.

  • Support and promote projects and events within Hahndorf which are managed by groups other than the HCA and which have some effect on the community.

Representation .....

  • Maintain representation on HBTA Management Committee, School Governing Council, Hall Committee, Precinct Group, Institute Management Committee and liaise with Hahndorf Lions and the Hahndorf Branch of the NTSA.

Management Committee

HCA Annual General Meeting

  • The HCA Management Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting. All residents of Hahndorf are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and propose and vote on all matters raised.

  • Any individual resident, or representative nominated by a community group may nominate as a Management Committee member at the Annual General Meeting.

  • Annual General Meetings are generally held at St Michael's Church Hall in November each year.

HCA Management Committee Meetings

  • Subsequent HCA Management Committee meetings are held at a time suitable to elected members. Currently this is the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 9.30 am at the Hahndorf Institute. This can change for each Committee year.

  • Residents of Hahndorf are entitled to raise any matter with the Management Committee and attend meetings for specific purposes.

  • Only members of the Management Committee have voting rights.

Management Committee 2011

  • President: Rick Harcourt (ph 8388 1646. email

  • Vice President: Mike Hasler (ph 8388 1644)

  • Secretary: Wendy Williams (ph 8188 1188; mob 0408 821 118; email

  • Minute Secretary: Margaret Brook (ph 8388 7133; email

  • Treasurer: Eric Aliffe (ph 8391 2028; mob 0405 761 831)

  • Committee Members: Phil Houston, John Buchan, Jim Fowles, David Haines, Graham Woolford, Rob Lang, Tony Finnis, Sarenah & Harold Gallasch, Russell Grivell, Jeff & Sheila Bettcher.

  • Representatives: HBTA Committee - Ric Harcourt; School Governing Council - Eric Aliffe; Hall Committee - David Haines; Precinct Group - ??; Institute Management Committee - Eric Aliffe; Hahndorf Branch NTSA - Tony Finnis.

Past and Current Projects

    1. Past Projects
      1. Pioneer Memorial Gardens Clock
      2. KESAB Tidy Town Competition
      3. Alec Johnston Park
    2. Continuing Projects
      1. Hahndorf Dry Zone
      2. The 'Village Voice'
      3. The Hahnwiki
    3. Current Projects
      1. Current Priorities
      2. Hahndorf Toilet Facilities
      3. Pioneer Memorial Gardens

The following is an outline of the main projects undertaken by the HCA.
Wherever possible and applicable, projects or issues are undertaken in a partnership with other appropriate organisations, both within and external to Hahndorf.

Past Projects

Pioneer Memorial Gardens Clock

Pioneer Memorial Gardens clock automated, and Time Capsule installed.

KESAB Tidy Town Competition

The HCA initiated Hahndorf being entered into the KESAB Tidy Town program on several occassions – won Best Medium Sized Town in SA 2001, and joint Best Medium Sized Town 2002.
HCA as an Association won awards in 2003 and 2004. No subsequent entries have been made.

Alec Johnston Park

  • Playgound - In partnership with Community Hall Committee, Hahndorf Lions and Mt Barker District Council , built a playground in Alec Johnston Park.

  • Park Makeover - Worked with Mt Barker District Council, and community groups toward the makeover of Alec Johnston Park. This is a long term project.

Continuing Projects

Hahndorf Dry Zone

The HCA are the driving force behind the Dry Zone, which has been proclaimed for the heritage block of the town. This has been undertaken as one of a number of strategies for liquor management established by a wide group of stakeholders forming the 'Precinct Group'. This group includes the 4 hotel licensees, SA Police, and the Liquor and Licensing Commissioner with opportunity for community monitoring.

The 'Village Voice'

The HCA established a quarterly newsletter “Village Voice”, edited and distributed by volunteers, to all residents and traders. Town news and information will encourage more ownership of Hahndorf, more pride in the amazing people and products of our district and encourage new volunteers. We need input and comments from all readers.

The Hahnwiki

The Hahndorf Community Website (The Hahnwiki) is a community based wiki website facility originally setup on a trial basis in July 2005, and although not owned by any specific individual or organisation, currently operates under the auspices of the Hahndorf Community Assoc. and is administered by Tony Finnis. It is available for non-commercial use by anyone within the general Hahndorf community, .

Current Projects

Current Priorities

  • Have the Main Street of Hahndorf removed as a through route for heavy trucks;

  • Have a pedestrian crossing installed in Main Street near the IGA store;

  • Have Hahndorf’s public toilets permanently maintained in a state of cleanliness and convenient appropriate for Hahndorf’s description as the jewel in SA’s tourism crown;

  • Have Main Street parking improved by providing access to more off street spaces behind business premises or on other land available;

  • Have footpaths established along the full extent of Auricht Road, Church Street and Balhannah Road – Main Street to Molens Road;

  • Have Signage in Main Street comply with latest Master Plan.

Hahndorf Toilet Facilities

Pioneer Memorial Gardens

Minutes of HCA Meetings

Copies of minutes of previous Annual General Meetings (AGM) from 2005 and Committee Meetings (CM) from 2009 are available as listed below:
These minutes are made available to allow residents of Hahndorf and other interested parties to be aware of the activities of the HCA.

Annual General Meetings:

Committee Meetings:

Copies of The Village Voice

Copies of certain past editions of 'The Village Voice' local news letter published quarterly are available as listed below:
It is intended that eventually all past editions will be made available.

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