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Community Assoc/April11


Hahndorf Community Association Inc.

Minutes of the Committee held on Wednesday, 13 April 2011 in the Institute Supper Room at 9:30 a.m


Rick Harcourt welcomed everyone to the meeting


Rick Harcourt, Wendy Williams, Margaret Brook, Mike Hasler, John Buchan, Phil Houston, Graham Woolford, Jim Fowles, Eric Aliffe, Rob Lang, David Haines, Ann Haines (part), Tony Finnis, Russell Grivell, Harold Gallasch, Cr Jeff Bettcher, Cr Trevor Corvell, Stephanie Burns, Sheila Bettcher


Simon Westwood

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting (9 March 2011)

Moved David Haines, seconded Jim Fowles that the minutes of the meeting held on 9 March 2011 be accepted as a true record — Carried

2. Business Arising

2.1 Any discussion regarding Greg Parker’s attendance at March Meeting:

Eric not certain that Greg Parker knows just how important Hahndorf is to HCA and that it is determined to look after it.
Rick felt that dialogue with Council is currently good, especially with Greg Parker.
Phil asked that any complaints etc given a number by Council be followed up.

2.2 Report on Footpath Project Meeting held Monday, 21 March 2011 at John Buchan’s home:

Rick reported that he had obtained a copy of Council’s Asset Management Plan which was available for community consultation and review (this consists of 79 pages).
HCA is invited to comment. Rick stated that he did not feel HCA could respond fully to such a document but advised he had prepared a letter to Council which he then read out to members for comment. Rob Lang was concerned about footpath verges that had slipped away on Main Street.
There was considerable discussion and it was resolved that the letter be forwarded to Council setting out streets where footpaths were in need of renewal, with the exclusion of those already under construction.
Action: Rick/Wendy to forward letter to Council by 15 April

2.3 Beerenberg Foundation: update re National Trust plaques - Ann Haines:

Ann advised that she has a list of all plaques now installed within Hahndorf. There are still a few to go which Ann will endeavour to get a grant to cover.
Rick thanked Ann for the work she had done on the plaques. Ann advised she had thanked the Beerenberg Foundation for their financial assistance with this project.

2.4 Pioneer Women’s Memorial – update from Phil Houston:

Phil is very happy that the Memorial is now installed in the Pioneer Memorial Gardens. Council, together with HCA representatives, felt it was better placed towards the Main Street but Greg Parker has suggested that if this was not felt to be correct by HCA it could be re-installed in a more appropriate position when the park is upgraded.
Phil will now contact Sally Paech etc to have photos taken for the Courier and the Herald Weekender. Wendy to forward a letter of thanks to the Foundation. Rick congratulated Phil on finalising this project and a good job done!
Action: Phil/Wendy and Greg Parker (should this be necessary)

2.5 Improved lighting for dark areas along Main Street – Erin Gillespie, DCMB (CRM No. 14036/2010) - Wendy:

Wendy advised that she had mentioned this to Greg Parker who was to check with Wayne Dunningham – however, no further report had been received.
Action: Wendy to continue to follow up

2.6 Pioneer Memorial Gardens Upgrade – await to hear from David Cooney:

Rick suggested that perhaps if the toilet was moved and upgraded the remainder of the money to be spent could be put towards the footpaths.
Jeff Bettcher advised that $75,000 was to be in the next budget for upgrade of the Playground and the Gazebo in the following year.
John Buchan advised that landscape architecture is a fine art and explained what was involved in redesigning the Park.

2.7 HCA 2010 AGM Minutes placed on Hahnwiki; Tony Finnis:

Tony advised that all the minutes of the HCA AGMs since 2005 had been put on Hahnwiki, apart from 2007 – to follow up.
He also asked whether the Committee would like the last two year’s Committee Minutes to be placed on Hahnwiki. It was agreed that this would be very suitable.
Action: Tony Finnis to place minutes on Hahnwiki

2.8 No. 84 Main Street – any further development – Cr Bettcher:

Cr Jeff Bettcher advised that nothing further had gone through Council and there was still a dispute about a fridge being put on the verandah.
Action: Cr Bettcher to follow up
Jeff also advised that there is a possibility that the green tin shed next to the Old Mill may be demolished and new dutch gable shops could be erected there.
It is understood that the old “Kitchen” at the back of the Lavender Shop will be retained as heritage.
A petition had been received by Council regarding having an exit from the IGA Carpark onto Auricht Road. It was suggested that perhaps a boom gate could be installed for all commercial vehicles to exit onto Auricht Road only.

2.9 Report on Beautification of Hahndorf Meeting held 10 March 2011 in the Institute:

Wendy reported that the Main Street had been divided into 7 areas and those who had shown interest at the meeting were allocated an area and asked to report on what was needed or what was needed to be removed in order to prepare for a beautification program; however, HBTA needs to provide a Master Plan.
A list of needs is required by Council.

2.10 Notice Board for Town – update from Jim Fowles:

Jim advised that Graham Woolford had taken on this project. The suggested Wistow sign had proved to be too big and Graham and Ann Haines had agreed that a 3ft x 2ft notice board could be erected on the rails outside the Post Office so as not to cover up the garden outside the postboxes. The notice board is strictly for community notices only and will be kept locked. Keys will be held by the Post Office and Ann Haines.
Action: Graham Woolford

2.11 Tree Lights for Easter - Sarenah:

In Sarenah’s absence Harold advised that easter eggs had been placed in lots of shops and the Academy grounds. Traders will display different types of eggs.
Regarding the Tree Lights, it was hoped that possibly Hahndorf could become known for it’s Easter Light display as Lobethal has done with the Christmas Lights.

3. Correspondence

Correspondence In:

Correspondence Out:

4. Reports

4.1 Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer report that as at 13.4.2011 the bank statement showed the following:

Details of producing quarterly Village Voice:

Eric Aliffe moved and Phil Houston seconded that the account from Designhaus be approved for payment — Carried

4.2 President’s Report:

Report on HCA Projects:
Rick had covered all aspects of his report in previous items.

5. General Business

Mike Hasler mentioned that there was a safety problem with all the signs at the Hereford Avenue/Main Street intersection when turning left of right and wondered if a mirror could be installed.
There also seems to be a problem with the yellow real estate sign outside Zorros opposite Pine Avenue.
Action: Jeff Bettcher to investigate

Closure and Next Meeting

Closure: 10.55am

Next Meeting: Wednesday, 11 May 2011 in the Institute Supper Room at 9:30am

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