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Community Assoc/March10


Hahndorf Community Association Inc.

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 10th March 2010 in the Institute Supper Room at 9.30am


Rick Harcourt (President), Wendy Williams, Margaret Brook, Mike Hasler, Tony Finnis, Jim Fowles, David Haines, Graham Woolford, Louise Trinkle (later)


Eric Aliffe, John Buchan, Russell Grivell and Lita Los Angeles

1. Minutes of the February 2010 Meeting

moved David Haines, seconded Jim Fowles that the minutes be received.

2. Business Arising

2.1 Pioneer Memorial Park Toilets:

A meeting has been arranged with Steve Watson by Eric for 9am, 19 March 2010.

2.2 Clean Up Australia Day:

A most successful “Clean Up” day which included 12 scouts/leaders and 12 adult volunteers, who together collected 19 bags of rubbish.
Certificates of thanks were distributed to all.
Mike Hasler suggested that HCA should advertise in the town for additional younger volunteers to assist with the Clean Up next year and that it should be advertised in the Summer edition of the Village Voice.
Item for Summer 2010 Village Voice.

2.3 Bus Shelter:

Jim Fowles advised that the bus shelter is to be moved closer to the Hotel and Council is progressing with this.
He also mentioned that more “dog dropping” container bags are needed in the Alex Johnson Park as they disappear as soon as there is a new roll.
Action: Jim F

2.4 Street Trees (Bank SA):

Russell Grivell has this in hand as he has now recognised that 4 trees are missing.
Action: Russell Grivell

2.5 On-Going Projects:

Rick provided everyone with a list of 6 core issues which he had prioritised from suggested projects provided by committee members, namely:

David Haines advised that the Community Hall has funds available to purchase a generator for the CFS.
Action: Rick and David to discuss further and clarification from the CFS as to exactly what is required to be sought

2.6 Bushfire information night:

Wendy advised that details of the meeting have been placed on the front page of the current Village Voice and copies of notes of the meeting, kindly taken by Ann Buchan, have been placed in Gallery Gifts together with the questions and answers for anyone interested to collect.

2.7 DCMB – update of 2010 HCA officials:

Council has been notified and confirmation of same has been received of changes within the Committee, namely Rick Harcourt is HCA’s new President.

2.8 Funds towards decorations for TDU:

Eric had advised Wendy that a letter requesting a possibly donation from Council towards the TDU decorations this year was on its way.

2.9 Pioneer Women’s Memorial:

In Phil Houston’s absence it was agreed that this matter be taken at the April HCA Meeting; there was considerable discussion as to whether a further Memorial was really necessary.
Action: Phil Houston – April HCA Meeting

2.10 Distribution of Village Voice to include Nicholas Paech Drive:

It was agreed that Wendy and Ann Haines would ensure the correct distribution of Village Voice to all residents.
Action: Wendy & Ann Haines

3. Correspondence In

3.1 District Council of Mt Barker – Support from HCA re continuation of Dry Zone within Hahndorf for a further 3-year extension:

A letter addressed to Phil Houston as then President, was received requesting HCA’s support for a 3-year extension of the Dry Zone within the Township of Hahndorf, Nairne and Mount Barker. An approach to the Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner seeking such an extension would then be made. It was agreed that a letter be sent to Council in support of the 3-year extension of the Dry Zone within Hahndorf Township for the following reasons:

Action: Rick to respond to Council

3.2 Out:

Thank-You letters have been sent to Council regarding the TDU BBQ and to the Lions Club thanking them for the loan of the BBQ for the Sausage Sizzle.

4. Reports

4.1 President:

The President had already reported on all matters above.

4.2 Treasurer:

In Eric’s absence, he had asked Wendy to advise the Committee that there had been no income or expenditure during the past month, so the figures remain the same as for the February Meeting.

5. General Business

5.1 Pioneer Women’s Memorial:

As per Item 2.1 above, it was agreed that this will be decided upon at the April Meeting.
April Meeting: Phil Houston

5.2 Consolidation, agreement, action plan for HCA objectives as expressed by members:

Discussed under Item 2.5 above.

5.3 Discussion regarding Academy/Visitor Information Centre project:

Tony Finnis presented an emailed report from the Secretary of the Hahndorf Academy Board requesting HCA’s support regarding the DCMB’s project to situate the VIC within the Academy.
It was agreed that HCA write to the CEO of the Mt Barker Council, with copies to the Academy, Cr Lindsay Campbell, The Mayor of DCMB, and the Visitor Information Centre advising that the HCA’s perspective is:
HCA would not like to see the Academy compromised;
This would reduce the effectivity of both the Visitor Information Centre and the Hahndorf Academy.
Tony Finnis moved and Louise seconded that HCA write to Council expressing opposition to the suggestion of the VIC being relocated to the Hahndorf Academy.
Action: Rick/Wendy

5.4 Newly built St Paul’s Lutheran Homes Units opposite IGA:

Louise was concerned that the materials being used for these new buildings might not fit into the character of Hahndorf.
Rick suggested that there was little to be done once planning approval had been granted and therefore this sort of thing should be carefully monitored in the future.

5.5 Jim Fowles asked for a time line for the list of priorities for the Committee:

Rick said he would arrange a meeting with David Haines to discuss the purchase of a generator for the CFS.
Mike suggested HCA could make a donation towards this should it be necessary.

Closure and Next Meeting:

Meeting Closed at 10:25am

Next Meeting …. Wednesday 14th April 2010 in the Institute Supper Room at 9:30am.

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