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Community Assoc/May11


Hahndorf Community Association Inc.

Minutes of the Hahndorf Community Association Inc Committee held on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 at KaffeHaus, Hahndorf at 9:30a.m


Rick Harcourt welcomed everyone to the meeting


Rick Harcourt, Margaret Brook, Mike Hasler, Tony Finnis, Graham Woolford, Cr Trevor Corbell, Cr Jeff Bettcher, Phil Houston, Ann Haines, Louise Trinkle (+ Joshua and Andrew), Eric Aliffe, Russell Grivell, Harold Gallasch, David Haines


Wendy Williams, Jim Fowles and Sarenah Gallasch

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved Tony Finnis, seconded Phil Houston that the minutes of the meeting held on 12 April 2011, with an amendment to Item 2.10 changing 3m x 2m to 3’ x 2’ be accepted as a true record.

2. Business Arising

2.1 Footpath Project:

Letter received from Phil Burton re footpaths. Involvement of HCA is welcome. Jeff advised that work on footpaths at Hereford Avenue had commenced.

2.2 Improved lighting for dark areas along Main Street – Erin Gillespie, DCMB (CRM No. 14036/2010):

Nothing further received – Wendy to continue to follow up.
Action: Wendy

2.3 Pioneer Memorial Gardens Upgrade: - Waiting to hear from David Cooney.

Jeff advised Rotunda will be starting in next month or so. Tenders have gone out.
John B advised it will be behind the existing toilets. He also advised he had had meetings on site regarding layout of Gardens to put forward for funding. John Buchan

2.4 HCA 2010 AGM Minutes placed on Hahnwiki – Tony F:

Tony advised AGMs from 2005 and Committee Meetings for 2010 and 2011 had been put on Hahnwiki.
Upgrade needed for HCA page. Committee

2.5 No. 84 Main Street – Cr Bettcher:

Heritage Department will make decision – Peter Wells (Senior Architect – Heritage and Planning) on phone 8124 4960.
Phil urged members to phone with concerns. Committee

2.6 New Notice Board for Town:

Graham W advised that the notice board was in situ. Phil thanked Jim Fowles for the idea and Graham for implementation.
Will need some ventilation. Graham handed key to Ann H. John Kluske has the other key.
$300 grant from Council. Graham will donate the rest of considerable cost.

2.7 Tree Lights for Easter – report from Sarenah:

Harold advised that decorative Easter trees were in many businesses this year. Nicky Keenan will follow up for next Easter with lights
Phil Houston mentioned that the Christian Easter does not have Easter lights on trees during lent.

3. Correspondence In and Out

3.1 Response from Isobel Redmond re the Verdun Interchange:

In response to Rick’s letter, Isobel Redmond sent a letter stating that the Verdun Interchange is now on the Agenda of the Liberal Party.

3.2 Bald Hills Road Interchange – Cr Bettcher:

Jeff advised that the Bald Hills Road Interchange is now on Mt Barker Council’s agenda.
Trevor C mentioned that a connecter road from southern Mt Barker is required to connect with interchange.

3.3 Email from Sally Paech, Beerenberg re plaques:

Good comments regarding plaques.

3.4 Letter from Rick Harcourt to Mr Phil Burton, Manager Assets and Contracts, DCMB:

re Asset Management Plan and HCA’s concern regarding footpaths in Hahndorf: Tabled.

4. Reports

4.1 Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer reported that as at 11.5.2011 the bank statement showed the following:

4.2 President’s Report:

Heavy Transport: - Progressing.

4.2 Pedestrian Crossing at IGA:

Louise to contact Courier for a photograph showing Louise with the twins and pram, and couple with gopher etc all showing difficulty in crossing the Main Street.

5. General Business

5.1 Petition to Council re exit from IGA onto Auricht Road:

Margaret Jacob had procured 469 signatures on a petition regarding exiting onto Auricht Road at the back of IGA.
The owner of IGA has a submission with Council for opening of the carpark onto Auricht Road. Category 3 application goes before Development Assessment Panel.

5.2 40kms/hr in Main Street:

To be included in Main Street Plan – request by Jim Fowles – agreed.

5.3 Safety Problem at Hereford Avenue/Main Street intersection:

Mike Hasler mentioned that with parking both sides on Hereford Avenue there was a safety problem when turning left of right onto Main Street.
Get CRM (Rick). Action: Rick
Eric asked who was responsible for yellow lines? Jeff advised it was Council and Trevor C mentioned that traffic surveys are done to decide on where they should be placed.

5.4 Bus Stop Shelter, River Road - in need of repair:

(maintenance on this was requested by Jim Fowles). Action: HCA

5.5 New Bus Shelter – at bus stop opposite Ambleside Road:

A shelter is still needed (quite badly for winter) Wendy’s end of town at bus stop opposite Ambleside Road.
Jeff advised that this was in a public transport area. Action: HCA

5.5 New Noticeboard:

Jim Fowles had requested that a photograph of the new noticeboard be placed in the Village Voice: Action: Wendy

5.6 Lawyer’s sign on old Community Hall building:

Tony advised that the Lawyer’s sign should not be on the building owned by the community as it detracts from the area.
Louise asked what was happening regarding signage within the township?
The Council’s Heritage Dept (Kristian Wohlstadt) has sent out letter with a threat of $200 fine to offending traders; Jeff will phone Greg Parker for an update.
Council is doing a survey of 100 metres per month in Main Street.
Russell said the enforcement must be uniform – one trader cannot be asked to comply without all of them complying.
Trevor Corbell asked if HB&T is looking into this problem? Rick advised that it is and John Kluske is keen to enforce the regulations.
Tony has raised issue of Lawyer’s sign with Ann Haines who has written and will await reply before taking further action. Action: Ann H
Louise felt that the owners of the buildings should enforce compliance. David H as member of committee on Community of Ownership of Building will follow up. Action: David H
Phil H mentioned the A-frame signage at Zorros in particular – there are now more signs and outdoor dining making things more difficult.
A-frames should be on the verge ONLY.
Russell felt we should educate traders – but it will take time.

5.7 Council Rate rise:

Jeff advised that there would be a 5% rise in Council Rates – Hahndorf has an average house price of $480,000 – highest median in the area.

5.8 Old School House on Main Street:

Negotiations for purchase by Council.

5.9 Sculpture – World Class Competition to be held in this district:

The Sculpture competition has been suggested by Silvio Apponyi who is a renowned sculptor from the hills – it is hoped to have one of the sculptures in Hahndorf following the competition.

5.10 Council Budget for Footpaths:

Funding is to be passed on 16 May 2011 by Council. Public can speak to the budget on 20 June 2011.

5.11 BBQ – Alec Johnston Park next month:

5.12 HCA monthly meeting:

Due to the new floor being laid in the small hall at the Institute the meeting had been adjourned to the KaffeHaus. However, Eric felt that all future meetings should be held in the Institute due to the noise in the KaffeeHaus.

Next Meeting and Closure

The next meeting of the Hahndorf Community Association will be held on Wednesday, 8 June in the small hall at the Institute at 9:30am.

The meeting closed at approximately 11:40am.

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