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Historical Properties


Some Properties of Historical Interest


The following is an Index to those Properties within Hahndorf for which historical and land title information is provided.
Any further information and/or corrections regarding these or other properties of historical interest would be appreciated.

Please Note: This information is currently being compiled and is only in its early stages, and at this time only limited details are available.

Index of Properties Involved

Street No Street Name Property Reference Name and Link Allotments
Database Ref.
20 Main Street The Schmidt-Rodert Farmlet
19-25 Main Street Martin's Wheelwright Shop, House & Cottage
32-34 Main Street Rodert's Mortuary
38 Main Street St Paul's Lutheran Church
35 & 46 Main Street The Hahndorf Inn and the Australian Arms
41 Main Street The Hahndorf Community Hall SH37
47 Main Street Jaensch House
50 Main Street Bom's Monumental Marble Works
51 Main Street Christoph's Shop
54 & 56 Main Street The Linke and Jaeschke Cottages
59 Main Street The Hahndorf Institute
63 Main Street Baumann's House and Store
64 Main Street Old Lutheran School NH
68 Main Street The Hahndorf Academy NH87
69 Main Street The German Arms Hotel SH
72 Main Street Sonnemann's Bakery NH29
71-75 Main Street Haebich's Blacksmith and Cottages SH10
98 Main Street The Old Mill NH22
100 Main Street Thiele's Shop and Residence NH21
102 Main Street Thiele's Cottage NH20
Balhannah Road St Michaels Lutheran Church
Pine Avenue The German Cake Shop
English Street St Paul's Anglican Church
Road to Mt Barker Nixon's Windmill
Heysen Road The Cedars, Hans Heysen's Property

Sources and Further Information

Further information regarding Hahndorf is available from the Introduction to Hahndorf. and the associated links from that page.

Additional information regarding the creation and evolution of Hahndorf's streetscape can be obtained from Reg Butler's publication - 'From Byways to Highways - Hahndorf's Changing Streetscape'.

Please note that information sources for all properties referenced include:

  • The Hahndorf Allotments Database, by Reg Butler

  • The publication-'HAHNDORF, A Journey Through the Village and its History', by Anni Luur Fox

  • Other publications and sources including personal anecdotal information, newspaper reports and letters.

The above persons retain copyright to their original material - any requests for further publication or use of the material shall be directed to them.

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