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Intro and Help


Introduction, Help and Guidance for The Hahnwiki

Hahndorfcrest_H2.jpg This is Introductory information plus Help and Guidance for the Wiki Community site for the town of HAHNDORF usually known as 'The Hahnwiki'. Hahndorf is a small historical town located in the Adelaide Hills Region of South Australia, Australia.

'The Hahnwiki' is a combined interconnected community effort documenting, exploring and discussing anything and everything concerning the town of Hahndorf. It is also a resource for organisations, clubs, individuals, and others within the Hahndorf community.
This facility is intended for general non-commercial use by anyone within the community.

The 'Introduction' section below sets out the scope, objectives and restrictions associated with 'The Hahnwiki'.
Utterly Confused ! - then the 'Help and Guidance' section below should be of assistance.

Please do not hesitate to utilise and contribute to 'The Hahnwiki' and keep the contents up-to-date. It is only as good and effective as the input provided. Your participation is sought and is considered highly desirable. The ultimate success of this resource is up to you - the Hahndorf Community.

***** PLEASE NOTE: As from 1 September 2012, the HahnWiki will no longer be maintained. *****

The contents of HahnWiki are currently being transferred from the current 'WikiSpot' system to the more user-friendly and newer 'LocalWiki' system as used by BarkerWiki - this will some time, but is expected to be completed early 2013. The HahnWiki will then become part of BarkerWiki. As a result all current pages in HahnWiki will be available for reading only. In the meantime, please use [WWW]BarkerWiki if you wish to edit or add any new pages concerning Hahndorf.


What is a 'Wiki'?

A Wiki is a linked set of pages which anyone can edit and expand.
This freedom allows for unique expression and helps foster interesting and new ideas in a dynamic manner.
Generally, if you see something you think is inaccurate or incorrect, you have the power to change it.
If you see that something is incomplete, you can add more information.
You can also create completely new content and tie it into the rest of the site.
Likewise, others have the power to veto your changes.
It is a delicate balance but one which ultimately leaves the users with the content they most want.

"A Wiki or wiki (pronounced wǐkē, wēkē or vēkē) is a website (or other hypertext document collection) that allows users to add content, as on an Internet forum, but also allows anyone to edit the content.
'Wiki' also refers to the collaborative software used to create such a website".
Wiki Wiki is a Hawaiian term meaning 'quick' or 'informal'.

About 'The Hahnwiki'

Please Read

'The Hahnwiki' needs your help and it doesn't involve money
With your help, we can make 'The Hahnwiki' a really worthwhile and useful site for the whole Hahndorf community.
Please tell your friends and associates about 'The Hahnwiki'. The more people who can help and contribute, the better the information.

After reading this 'Introduction' and the adjacent 'Help and Guidance' , please go to the Front Page of 'The Hahnwiki' to start your adventure and explore, create, add to, or edit the contents contained therein. You will learn what others have done and are doing in our town to the benefit of the Hahndorf community.
Please add any information which you consider may be of interest and/or benefit to others.
Also, consider creating your own 'Home Page' to let others know about yourself and what you do, or have to offer.

Please feel free to edit, poke around, improve, delete or add anything you feel needs doing. Go on, you know you want to!
Note that you must be logged-in before any alterations and/or additions can be made. Refer to the Hahnwiki Guide for details on how to do this.

If you have any suggestions, queries or other matters (including help) concerning this project, please add them to the Comments and Notices page, or contact Tony Finnis at

Please enjoy, contribute and experiment.

Please feel free to add to/correct/revise any existing information whenever considered necessary or desirable.
Experiment as much as desired and have a play around in the WikiSandBox to see what happens. Perhaps someone would like to set-up a 'Discussion Page' or 'News' or 'Coming Events' pages.

Who Owns 'The Hahnwiki'

'The Hahnwiki' is not owned by any specific individual or organisation but is a facility available for use by anyone within the general Hahndorf community.
The Hahnwiki operates under the auspices of the Hahndorf Community Assoc. and is currently administered by Tony Finnis.

Use, Contribute and Share information

'The Hahnwiki' can be utilised by anyone within the Hahndorf Community to add comments to or improve existing material, and/or to create, edit and exhibit their own information on the Internet (World Wide Web) without knowing anything about websites.

Any reasonable community or personal use is permitted provided that all of the following conditions are met.

  • You are located in, associated with, or are a resident of Hahndorf.

  • You are NOT using it directly for profit making commercial activities, although 'links' to such sites are permitted.

  • Your activities are directly related to or associated with the Hahndorf community.

  • You have created and logged-in with a valid User Name and password. (not required if only browsing)

Who is it envisaged could use 'The Hahnwiki'

  • Local Sporting Clubs, eg Hahndorf Bowling Club, Football Club, Cricket Club etc.

  • Other Community Organisations, eg Hahndorf Lions Club, Hahndorf Senior Citizens.

  • The 'Village Voice', Emergency Services, Neighbourhood Watch.

  • Local Churches, local Schools (including students), Town Band, Informal Community Groups, etc, etc.

  • Special groups, such as artists, craft and hobby groups, who have a strong association with Hahndorf.

  • Personal pages by individuals related to anything re Hahndorf (history, stories, articles, opinions, blogs, etc).

  • Even those who already have a static website could consider using this Wiki due to its dynamic nature. (ie ease and access of editing by all from their own web-browser).

What information should be included?

Whatever you desire and consider appropriate, provided that it has some relevance to the Hahndorf community such as:

  • General and specific information, announcements, coming events, contacts, discussions, photos, stories etc.

  • Home Pages for groups, individuals, students, and virtually anything reasonable can be created.

  • Also, links to externel web-sites related to Hahndorf are encouraged.

History and Heritage

It is also intended that 'The Hahnwiki' should be used as a resource and repository of all historical and heritage information, and similar matters related to Hahndorf.
It would therefore be very much appreciated if individuals and/or organisations would make available any such information they may have either by inputting it directly in 'The Hahnwiki' or making it available so this may be done.

Funding and System Information

Evolution of 'The Hahnwiki'

This site was originally initiated by Tony Finnis using his own equipment on a trial basis from July 2005 for about 6 months as a result of approaches by some local organisations and individuals to evaluate a suitable non-commercial community based Internet presence for Hahndorf. This trial period was subsequently extended for a further 6 months to the end of June 2006. By this time it was considered that the degree and extent of support from interested persons and organisations within the community was such that 'The Hahnwiki' could then be placed on a permanent basis.
As a result, commencing August 2006, 'The Hahnwiki' was set-up on a permanent basis operating under the auspices of The Hahndorf Community Association utilising the '' and the '' domain names.

At the Mount Barker Council meeting held 3 October 2006, a much appreciated grant was approved for the purchase of a new server for 'The Hahnwiki' to replace the temporary equipment then on loan. A new Dell Power Edge 840 2.80GHz Pentium D Pro 915 with 2GB memory and two SATA 160GB hard drives was purchased and became operational. The Wiki program used was [WWW]MoinMoin, and the Internet connected via a [WWW]Internode ADSL:SOHO-1500-Power20 broadband service using Apache with FastCgi as the webserver. Apart from the actual server (which remains the property of the Mount Barker Council), all other hardware, internet connections and associated items at that time were on loan to enable the project to operate.

Towards the end of March 2009, it was decided that over the next 3 months or so to gradually transfer The Hahnwiki from the then current situation and become part of [WWW]the Wiki Spot Project. The Wiki Spot project is a non-profit, member supported effort to enable community wiki sites to be created and maintained. It was believed that The Hahnwiki could beneficially be incorporated within this system. This has now been done with the Hahnwiki currently administered by Tony Finnis operating using the '' and '' domain names.

Funding and Operating Costs

The current operating costs for 'The Hahnwiki' are being reimbursed by annual donations from:

It is essential for the operating costs to continue to be reimbursed in some manner for the project to be viable.
If you are interested in supporting 'The Hahnwiki' by a donation and/or providing reimbursement, please contact The Hahndorf Community Assoc. or Tony Finnis at or (ph 8388 1825) for details. Any such financial assistance would be most appreciated and will ensure the continuation of 'The Hahnwiki' project to the benefit and appreciation of the overall community.

Help and Guidance


The following Help and Guidance contents are primarily based on the 'Wiki Spot Guide' pages with alterations and additions to suit 'The Hahnwiki' requirements.
Although [WWW]Wiki Spot has extensive help and assistance pages, these pages can be confusing to some extent until users become more familiar with the wiki concept.

As an initial aid, new users can 'surf' existing material to get a feel for 'adding to' and 'editing' this wiki.
Don't hesitate to experiment and 'play-around' as this is the best way of learning what are really fairly simple procedures.

Please create your pages without any restrictions wherever possible as this assists in the general concept and usefulness of 'The Hahnwiki'.
Please remember that all information contained herein can be read by anyone.

Please refer to 'The Site Disclaimer' below and remember to observe community standards and conduct in your additions and editing as in any public forum.

Don't forget you can search the wiki pages by clicking on the "Wiki Search" link in the top right hand corner of the page, or from the more extensive Find Pages exploration and search. Also available is a complete Title Index listing all pages in this Wiki for your information and access.

The Wiki Sand Box has been provided as an area for learning and experimenting. After you get a feel for the basic procedures, then have a look at the more elaborate formatting methods by trying them out in this area.

So! - have a go. Remember, anyone can Use, Contribute and Share information.
Never be afraid to change something or try something new!

Viewing (Surfing) Existing Pages

All pages on The Hahnwikii can be viewed by anyone in a similar manner to any conventional web-site using 'links' to get from place to place.
Links on The Hahnwiki are shown in 'underlined blue' (If a link is underlined in a broken blue line, then that indicates that the link does not currently exist).
Use the links and/or your Web-Browser back/forward buttons as necessary to navigate in the usual manner.

Creating an Account

Before making any additions or changes you must login at the top right of the page, and create an identity if you haven't previously done so. Please note that in certain cases, special editing restrictions may have been imposed by some users or groups. (In such cases the blue 'edit' tag/s will not be shown at the bottom of the page even after logging-in).

IMPORTANT: In order to edit or initiate pages, you must first create an account. This is a very painless process and the only hurdle to contributing content.
Making an account is as easy as clicking a button and choosing an appropriate name (like BobSmith). If you would like to be able to retrieve a forgotten password, you should also enter a valid email address. That's it. After making an account you should check out the People page and make a homepage for yourself.

We request that everyone should register using their real first and last name. UserNames should be your First and Last names with the first initial of each name capitalized without any space inbetween. Please don't just use your first name!
Example: if your real name is "Dona Smith", we ask that you choose DonaSmith as your UserName when you first register your Hahnwiki account, and not just DonaS. Thanks!


Generally, you cannot use the 'edit' or other actions on 'The Hahnwiki' unless you have first logged-in with a suitable 'user name' and 'password' (see 'Creating an Account' above).
Notwithstanding this, it should be noted that certain pages may have restricted ability for users to add to and edit the contents.

Editing a page is as simple as clicking on the "Edit" tab at the top of the screen. There are, however, many possible options for markup (i.e. making the page look pretty.) For your convenience, we have made a formatting toolbar, which works very much like a toolbar in a word processor. By highlighting text and clicking one of the buttons, such as Bold, the text will be surrounded by the appropriate markup to make it appear bold. More information on editing can be found over at [wikispot]Help with Editing. In general, just looking at how existing pages do things (by clicking on Edit and looking at the "raw" content) should let you figure out the markup — which is very simple! (Always make sure you "Preview" before you "Save Changes", otherwise you might end up editing a page several times)

Initially, it doesn't matter much what your page looks like - the main thing is to get the required contents in the page. Probably someone else with more experience will 'pretty-up' the display for you.


The most important concept, though, is linking. The idea is to have all pages linked together in a logical and intuitive way. To make a link to a page, type the exact name of the page you wish to link to, surrounded by quotes and brackets. This means to link to the page Front Page I type ["Front Page"]. It's that simple. To make a link to a page that displays differently, such as a link to Front Page that displays as Hello World! you just write ["Front Page" Hello World!]. Capitalization doesn't matter for links.

Also, try to be descriptive in your linking. Don't use the "click here!" phrase: "For more info check here" is bad! "Check out Wiki Sand Box for more info" is good! ([WWW] has some [WWW]tips on good link style)

To link to a page outside the wiki, you write your link like [ this] which displays as [WWW]this. Of course, you can also just write [] or if you don't want any alternative text. So remember — use quotes for things inside the wiki, no quotes for things outside (normal websites).

Check out HelpOnLinking.

New Pages

To create a page, first think about where you want this page to be linked from. Say you want to create a page about your favorite local band. Ideally, there should be a link to this band in Music Scene or perhaps other pages as well. You would go edit Music Scene to add a link to your page — even though your page hasn't been made yet. Once you save your changes and click on the new link, you'll be given the opportunity to create the page!

TIP: If you can't think of a page to create, look over the Wanted Pages. It is a list of pages which have been linked but have not been created. Perfect candidates for a write-up!

If this is unclear, just view the source (by clicking on "Info" and clicking on "raw" for the top item — or if you're lazy, just by clicking "Edit") of some pages! It will become perfectly clear after a few minutes.

To create a page without making a link to it first, simply type the name of the desired page into the search box. Then you will be prompted with the option of creating the page. But remember: because you made the page without first making a link to it, it might get lost in the sea of pages. Linking is very important for this reason — If you don't link your new page from existing pages, then no one will be able to find it. Spend some time thinking about good places where you should make a link to your new page. Using the search box is very useful for finding phrases and material where you might want to provide a link.

You should head over to Wiki Sand Box and edit it and play around!

Info Tab / Revision History

The Hahnwiki tracks all the changes made to all the pages, and this information is available in the Info tab at the top of the screen. Every edit of a page accounts for a new version, and clicking "Diff" once in the Info tab allows you to see differences between selected versions. "view" shows you what that version of the page looked like, "raw" shows you the raw wiki markup, "print" gives you a printer-friendlier version, and "revert" reverts the current version of the page back to that particular version.

In the Info tab you may also bookmark a page, which allows you to track the changes to the page via the Bookmarks page. Setting wiki bookmarks allows you to easily see when pages important to you change, and allows you to keep a list of pages you like, as well. You should probably set a wiki bookmark for your user page so you can see when others leave you comments.

Now What?

After you've made an account, viewed the source of some pages, and played around with editing over in Wiki Sand Box, you should go ahead and make a home page for yourself! To make a homepage, simply make a page in the wiki with the same name as your login name, but with "Users/" in front of it. This means if your name is TonyFinnis (it's not), you simply make the page with the title Users/TonyFinnis and fill it with whatever you want. There's an easy way to do this: click on your user name in the upper right hand corner! After making your homepage, head over to People and add your page to the list.

Then, you should check out [wikispot]Help with Editing

Primary Help Pages:

Most of the wiki's help files, which can assist you with making and formatting pages, are on the [wikispot]Wiki Spot main site and include:

[ [wikispot]Help with Editing ] [ [wikispot]Help with Formatting ] [ [wikispot]Help with Linking ]
[ [wikispot]Help with Headings ] [ [wikispot]Help with Tables ] [ [wikispot]Help with Images ]
[ [wikispot]Help with Lists ] [ [wikispot]Help with Macros ] [ [wikispot]Help with Colors ]

Undesirable Content

'The Hahnwiki' will be constantly moderated to avoid 'spam' and other undesirable content.
Any material considered to be offensive, indecent or objectionable according to general community standards will be removed as a matter of priority.
Also, material not conforming to the general requirements as listed above shall be appropriately modified after contact with the author or completely removed.
Any persons or sites that continually add undesirable content will be 'blacklisted'.

Site Disclaimer

This site is intended to convey and exchange information about and within the Hahndorf Community, however unlike standard web sites, what is posted on this site is substantially open to all. We therefore make it absolutely clear that the The Hahndorf Community Association Inc. and 'The Hahnwiki' support personnel accept no responsibility for or guarantees any information as being correct; or necessarily agrees with, supports or condones anything posted on 'The Hahnwiki' pages.
Some may consider certain content incorrect, possibly provocative and at times even offensive. We emphasize that it is up to all who use these pages to do so creatively, respectfully, honestly and responsibly. The intention is that the pages located here will evolve as a result of creative collaboration, honest dialogue and intelligent reflection.

This is a Wiki Spot wiki. Wiki Spot is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps communities collaborate via wikis.