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Born in Adelaide, South Australia (vintage 1934), I spent some of my early years in Melbourne, returning to Adelaide with my parents after the end of WWII.

After attending Christ Church College (Melbourne), Melbourne Grammar (prep), Rose Park Primary School (Adelaide) and Unley High School, I commenced employment with The Commonwealth Oil Refineries (now BP Ltd) and started a civil engineering course at Adelaide University.
After marrying Margaret, we went to England where I commenced an aeronautical engineering course with the Bristol Aeroplane Company. Returning to Adelaide, due to ill health, I gained employment in the Mechanical Engineering Section of what was then The Architect-in-Chief's Department of the S.A. State Public Service. I finally retired from the position of Manager-Technical Services, Engineering Services Office of SACON in 1992.

After our four children left home, Margaret and I decided that we would retire somewhere in the Adelaide Hills region. We finally settled in Hahndorf in 1997 and intend to remain in this desirable location for the remainder of our lives. Being immensely proud of our children's achievements, we now take considerable interest in the efforts of our seven grandchildren who are growing up at a rapid rate.

If for any reason you wish to contact me, please —
phone: (08) 8388 1825, or preferably email:

Past and Present Interests

Genealogy - I have carried out certain research into the names FINNIS, FINNISS, FERRIER, DAVIS and SPEED. This information is accessible from [WWW]the GeneaNet Website. My main area of genealogical interest is the ancestors and descendants of Captain John FINNIS (1802-1872), my great grandfather. He was a master mariner, overlander and pastoral pioneer, and was one of the three partners who originally owned the land on which Hahndorf was established. If you have any information regarding the above, I would be very grateful to receive it.

Computing - My youngest son, Mark, introduced me to computers about 1978/9 which was before IBM 'invented' the PC. I have 'played' with personal computers ever since. My first computer was a 'Dick Smith System 80' (a Tandy TRS80 clone) which had an audio cassette tape as a data storage device. After considerable software and hardware modifications, and much enjoyment, this unit finally wore out and was sold at a church fete at an enormous $ loss. Ever since then I have been involved with computers, mainly on a hobby basis, normally upgrading and/or constructing computers from selected components as required. I joined the [WWW]S.A. region of APANA (Australian Public Access Network Association) to relate with other hobbyists and to learn more about networking, having previously been involved with a Tandy TRS80 club. I originally resisted going from DOS to MS Windows as an operating system, but have subsequently used all incantations of MS Windows. For the past few years, I have been using Linux starting with Red Hat v5.2, then Mandrake (now Mandriva), and now I am solely using [WWW]Ubuntu Linux on all my computers.

Photography - After a number of years of interest in black and white photography, I then experimented with early photographic processes for some time until I finally realised just how dangerous the chemicals I was using actually were. Now I just dabble with digital photography which suits my current purposes.

Electronics - I have been interested in electrical and electronic projects since an early age. Some years ago, a small group of us designed and manufactured HiFi speakers which we marketted with some degree of success. Mark and I also designed and constructed pre-amplifiers and amplifiers, which he still has an interest. My aging eye-sight has limited my endeavours in this regard for some years now.

Wood Turning - Currently, I am attempting wood-turning purely on a hobby basis. I find this to be particularly enjoyable and relaxing even though my results aren't particulary 'professional'. Nothing like turning a piece of wood into chips.

Lawn Bowls - In my early years I played tennis, cricket (attempted football & golf - no good!), and sailing.
In 1980, I commenced playing lawn bowls at the Broadview Bowling Club where I had reasonable success being fortunate in winning both the singles and pairs championships of the Club. Transferring to the Payneham Bowling Club in 1993, I had a most satisfying time at that club in a competitive atmosphere. After moving to Hahndorf to live in 1997, I then joined the Hahndorf Bowling Club, which I thoroughly enjoy being a small hills club with a close knit and friendly membership.
The Hahndorf Bowling Club has teams in the Saturday and Mid-Week competitions of the Hills Association pennant competitions. Playing in the Hills competition has suited me as any high level of dedication and competitive skill level that I may have had has long since disappeared. Absolute enjoyment in a friendly but reasonably competitive atmosphere is now the name of the game as far as I am concerned.

Local Interests - I am a member of the Hahndorf Academy Foundation Inc. and the local Hahndorf branch of the National Trust of South Australia. I have also been involved over a number of years in the Hahndorf Community Association Inc. taking a particular interest in general community matters plus historical and heritage aspects of the town.

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