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Welcome To The Hahndorf Community Website - 'The Hahnwiki'

Hahndorfcrest_H2.jpg HAHNDORF is a small historic town of Germanic origin located in the Adelaide Hills Region of South Australia, Australia.

THE HAHNWIKI is a 'Wiki' Resource for the Hahndorf Community including its Residents, Community Organisations, and History & Heritage. It is a combined interconnected community website documenting, exploring and discussing anything and everything concerning the town of Hahndorf. It also provides a central resource for organisations, clubs, individuals and others within the overall community to utilise, with links to most external non-commercial sites with some relevance to the town.

The Introduction, Help and Guidance page sets out the scope, objectives and restrictions associated with 'The Hahnwiki', together with help and guidance in editing and constructing individual pages.

Please enjoy browsing this site by following appropriate links (hi-lighted in blue) and/or adding information where appropriate.

The Hahnwiki is a [WWW]Wiki Spot project devoted to the Town of Hahndorf and currently contains a total of 207 pages.

PLEASE NOTE: As from 1 September 2012, the HahnWiki will no longer be maintained.

Also, As from 1 April 2015, the HahnWiki will no longer be operational being replaced by [WWW]

The contents of HahnWiki are currently being transferred from the current 'WikiSpot' system to the more user-friendly and newer 'LocalWiki' system as used by Adelaide Hills LocalWiki - this will some time, but is expected to be completed early 2014. The HahnWiki will then become part of the Adelaide Hills LocalWiki. As a result all current pages in HahnWiki will be available for reading only. In the meantime, please use [WWW] if you wish to edit or add any new pages concerning Hahndorf.

Contents & Information

Some of the main contents contained within 'The Hahnwiki' are listed below. Please use 'Search' Box located at the top right of each page for other Titles or Text.
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    1. Getting Started
    2. The Town of Hahndorf
    3. Organisations
    4. People and Places
    5. Sporting and Other Clubs
    6. Artist and Craft Groups
    7. Churches and Religious Organisations
    8. Schools and Education
    9. Other Relevant Mt Barker & District Sites
    10. Some Pages of Possible Interest
    11. General Information
      1. Hahndorf Weather
      2. Phone Numbers
      3. Mt Barker Council - North Ward Councilor/s

Getting Started

The Town of Hahndorf


People and Places

Sporting and Other Clubs

Artist and Craft Groups

Churches and Religious Organisations

Schools and Education

Other Relevant Mt Barker & District Sites

Some Pages of Possible Interest

The following represent some pages of possible interest - check them out and add to or correct the information as necessary.

General Information

Hahndorf Weather

Current and forcast [WWW]weather conditions for Hahndorf

Phone Numbers

Emergency Phone Nos.
Police Emergency 000
Police Attendance 131 444
Mt. Barker Police (08) 8398 1700 or
131 444
Bank SA Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000
Hahndorf CFS 000
General Phone Nos.
Neighbourhood Watch (08) 8388 1333
Hahndorf Medical Centre (08) 8388 7066
Mt. Barker Council (08) 8391 1633
Mt. Barker Hospital (08) 8391 1777
Hahndorf Institute (to book) 0405 761 831
Hahndorf Academy (08) 8388 7250
Visitor Information Centre (08) 8388 1185

Mt Barker Council - North Ward Councilor/s

Need some advice from your local Councilor, then contact:

Tourism Information & Facilities

The Adelaide Hills Visitor Information Centre

Ilogo.gif The [WWW]Adelaide Hills Accommodation & Tour Booking Service and Website is the official website for the Adelaide Hills Visitor Information Centre, based in Hahndorf.

This website is designed to enable you to book accommodation and tours online.

The volunteers and staff at the [WWW]Adelaide Hills Visitor Information Centre look forward to assisting with your enquiries, and await your next visit to this special part of South Australia.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and inspiration.

The Hahndorf Business and Tourism Association

The [WWW]Hahndorf Business and Tourism Association (HB&T) website provides comprehensive details of all aspects of business and tourism matters related to Hahndorf including:

Invitations to Residents

Hahndorf Community Volunteers

The town of Hahndorf relies heavily on the input of numerous hard working volunteers who give willingly of their time and expertise for the benefit of the community.
If you wish to become involved please do not hesitate to contact one of the many groups, organisations, and clubs who will welcome whatever input, however small, that you can provide.
Your help is very much appreciated by the community.

Hahndorf Seniors Club

This is for the more senior members of our community - no grumpy oldies here! There is too much spark around these club members to be put in that category!
So if you need some company, why not come and join us? Why not come along and test your skills at indoor bowls, play cards, scrabble and sometimes Bingo - It all increases your brain power.
We hold a BBQ lunch and a shared lunch each 4 times a year.
Enjoy low cost organized outings with new and exciting places to visit.

The Hahndorf Seniors meet at the Hahndorf Bowling Club fortnightly on Tuesday at 11.00 am.
Further information may be obtained from: Yvonne Lewis, Phone: 8388 1396 or Gwen Tunnah, Phone: 8388 7869

Hahndorf Lions Club

lions.jpg Why don't you come and join us? - Our priority objectives this year are to:

* increase club membership
* continue to serve the local community
* enjoy Lions involvement
* strengthen fellowship with more social events
Vice President's Meetings: 1st Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm Hahndorf Bowling Club.
Dinner meetings: 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6.30pm
Further information contact Past District Governor, Bob Dewell, phone: 8388 7018

Hahndorf Lawn Bowling Club


The Hahndorf Bowling Club together with its excellent facilities is located at 45a Church Street, Hahndorf.
A cordial invitation is extended to any interested person (men, ladies and juniors) who wish to join in and participate in this fascinating game.

The club enters teams in the Hills Bowling Association pennant competitions as well as social events.

For additional details and any other information, please contact one of the following:
Michael Wheal (8388 6370), Bill Fairley (8388 2357) or Libby Harvey (8388 7986)

Community Fitness Classes

At the Hahndorf Institute (next to Post Office) - Fridays 9.15am to 10.15am.
Non competitive, fun classes designed to improve flexibility, muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness.
For people of all abilities and fitness levels.
For further details, please phone Rosemary: 8393 1833

Country Fire Service - Hahndorf

Corporate-Logo-CFS.gif If you are interested in joining the [WWW]Hahndorf CFS, please contact us or come and visit one night at training.
Brigade Training Times: Monday Nights 7:30pm till 9:30pm
Station Number (while manned): 8388 7771
Fax Number: 8388 7030, Email:

Siren - the Hahndorf Town Siren is sounded during the day, between 8.00am and 8.00pm, when the CFS is responding to incidents such as a house fire, car accident, grass fire, and similar incidents. Most importantly, on days of raised bushfire danger, the Siren should be one of the many alerts to the potential danger of a fire in our area.

Computer Facilities

Hahndorf Broadband for Seniors Internet Kiosk/s

GT&YL.jpg A [WWW]Broadband for Seniors Internet Kiosk (funded by the Australian Government) has been installed in the clubrooms of the Hahndorf Bowling Club.
This kiosk consists of 2 computers with a broadband internet connection and is available free of cost for use by all Hahndorf Bowling Club and Hahndorf Seniors Club members whenever the clubhouse is open.
Other older members of the local Hahndorf community can avail themselves of this facility at suitable times by application to either the Bowling Club or the Senior Citizens Club.
Training is provided in the use of this facility, so beginners are very welcome.

A similar [WWW]Broadband for Seniors Internet Kiosk exists at [WWW]St Paul's Lutheran Homes.

The Hahndorf Allotments Database

The Hahndorf Allotments Database, prepared by Reg Butler, is available for residents and visitors alike to consult. The database represents a history of land ownership for every allotment in Hahndorf from 1839 to modern times.
Access to The Hahnwiki and web based email is also available from this computer.

Please note that as from June 2011, the computerised Allotments Database has been re-located from the Stables Restaurant to the [WWW]Hahndorf Kaffeehaus at 51 Main Street, Hahndorf (opposite the Hahndorf Academy).

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